What’s More With Crypto Payment Besides Convenience? 10% Discount!

What’s More With Crypto Payment Besides Convenience? 10% Discount!

Source: What’s More With Crypto Payment Besides Convenience? 10% Discount!

Always need a cup of coffee to wake you up before you dive into the fluctuating crypto market? Have a look at Crypto Coffee, a creative coffee designed for the Crypto community.

There are some coffee essentials and three types of beans in the Crypto Coffee market: Moon Fuel, Proof of Beans, and Satoshi’s Vision. Each type of beans has a special description. Take “Moon Fuel” as an example:

“We all know the bear market can be tough – that’s why we at Crypto Coffee created Moon Fuel. Moon Fuel is the decentralized, peer-to-peer coffee that makes both a great store of flavor and medium of caffeine.”

It sells real coffee beans but in a Crypto way. Nice concept, fancy package, wonder if it tastes good too.

To make this business more “Crypto”, you can save 10% if you pay with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. It supports the Lightning Network to enable fast and easy payment.

Besides drink your “Crypto”, you could also wear your liberty.

WearsMyLiberty was created to help people wear their liberty and spread the message of liberty in at least some small way.

It sells high-quality shirts, hats, hoodies, and more in the liberty theme. By wearing a liberty theme T-shirt, you become a walking billboard for liberty impacting everyone that you encounter that day. It also provides information for all things related to Liberty and the R3VOLution.

What’s more, when you pay with Bitcoin you will automatically receive a 10% discount off your order, Bitcoin Lightning Network payment accepted.

Anywhere else to enjoy a more Bitcoin-friendly experience? Arnhem Bitcoin City.

Arnhem is a city in the Netherlands. Arnhem Bitcoin City, “Arnhem Bitcoinstad” in Dutch, came into existence when three Bitcoin enthusiasts wanted to be able to spend Bitcoins in their own town. So they decided to persuade local bars and restaurants to accept Bitcoin payments.

Beginning with 15 places accepted Bitcoins in 2014, more and more shop owners have joined the Bitcoin community. It’s now the world’s most Bitcoin-friendly city. You can buy a greater diversity of products and pay with Bitcoin in Arnhem, including restaurants, bars, clothes, shopping malls, hotels, leisure, services, and even cars.

You can also enjoy a 10% discount if you pay with Bitcoin to shop in By-Bob Men’s Fashion, to buy board games in the largest game shop Arnhem Speelt, and to pay for wine tasting events in Robbers en Van den Hoogen wine shop.

It’s easy and convenient to use Bitcoins every day in Arnhem, with all your payment on-chain via Lightning Network. There will also be several meetups in the city every year, anyone who’s interested in Bitcoin is welcomed.

From coffee to T-shirts, to merchants in a city, you can pay with crypto to enjoy convenient payment, plus a 10% discount!

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