Tiny Homes

Tiny houses are trending as an alternative housing option. Tiny homes are being built in communities for homeless people. The mini homes are being built in people’s yards and rented. People are living in tiny houses with porches, garages, lofts, solar panels and decks. Many of the tiny homes are mobile. Two Small Homes Videos by Minds Eye Design are in this post.

Amazon Has Tiny Homes For Sale
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10 Amazing Small Homes Tiny Homes & Micro Homes

Featured Small Homes
#10 Honomobo Mstudio M.5 Tiny Home
#9 Nautilus Ei-Home
#8 Hex House
#7 The Retreat Small Home
#6 Nomad Micro-homes
#5 Nautino Mini Tiny Home
#4 Honomobo M1 Small Home
#3 ZeroSquared Aurora 26 FKS Tiny Home
#2 Steve’s Unity Wagon Small Home
#1 Steve’s Thailand Dome Home

10 Unique Small Homes And Shelters For Living, Relaxing And Work

Small homes and shelters are very suitable to working at home, taking a vacation, or providing shelter to those who need housing. The small homes in this video involve the design elements required for a better quality of life.

The Number One Home is a 3D Printed House in Austin, Texas.
#1 3D-Printed House

Featured Homes & Shelters
#10 Igloo Satellite Cabin
Modular Extreme-Weather Shelter
#9 Monade Capsule
#8 Nolla
#7 Airship 002
#6 Archipod
#5 POD-Idladla
#4 Abod Shelters
#3 Tumbleweed ROANOKE
#2 Ecocapsule
#1 3D-Printed House

Earn Money Sharing YouTube Videos With Uvioo

The 10 Unique Homes Video On Uvioo

10 Amazing Small Homes Tiny Homes & Micro Homes On Uvioo

Tiny Houses On Amazon
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