Sweater Vestival

International Sweater Vestival

International Sweater Vestival is a sweater vest holiday that is celebrated on the second Friday after Thanksgiving. This holiday, Sweater Vestival, is on November 30th this year. International Sweater Vestival rates 2 Giftys on Giftypedia. You may wear knit vests to work or other places to celebrate. You could post messages and pictures on social sites with the tags #SweaterVestival or #InternationalSweaterVestival. Happy Sweater Vestival!

International Sweater Vestival On Giftypedia

Excerpt From Giftypedia:
“Perfect for this time of the year, this holiday encourages us proudly wear our most festive sweater vest for the day. Also, people with extra sweater vests are encouraged to bring them to the workplace to share with a less fortunate co-worker who doesn’t have the privilege of owning one.”

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