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Red Wine For Your Face

Do you have some leftover red wine in your pantry? Then you could use it to give your facial skin a natural beauty treatment. There is a beauty tip on the MyBeautyNaturally website which is that regular application of red wine on the skin helps to stimulate blood circulation, increase skin’s elasticity, rejuvenate it and lighten the complexion.

This beauty tip is given on the MyBeautyNaturally website with a recipe for a Red Wine Face Mask. The ingredients for the face mask are two tablespoons of red wine, two cucumber slices and one cotton ball.


2 tablespoon red wine
2 cucumber slices
1 cotton ball


Soak a cotton ball in red wine and apply all over the face and neck area
Cover the eyes with chilled cucumber slices and leave the wine on the face for 20-25 minutes
Wash the mask off with cold water
Repeat this process at least once a week for better skin results

These face masks using red wine are super effective and ensure a glowing and youthful skin. All of these masks are simple to prepare at home with all of the ingredients available easily.

The website has several red wine face mask recipes and the benefits of red wine. Click this link to see more about red wine face mask recipes.
Red Wine Face Masks Recipes

A Wine Facial You Can Make Yourself
Here is some news from the Pinkvilla website about wine facials you can make yourself.
“Salons across the world offer wine facials that help in improving the skin drastically. You can even do your own facial at home!
For a massaging facial with red wine, take a couple of spoons of rose water, a few drops of your favourite essential oil and one spoon of red wine. Mix them together and apply it on your face gently. Massage the paste in with the help of your fingertips for at least 10 minutes and then wipe it off.”
You can read this article on the Pinkvilla website. The title of the red wine for skin article is Red Wine For Skin: 5 Lesser Known Beauty Benefits Of Wine For Skin. Click the link to see the red wine for skin article on the Pinkvilla website.
Red Wine For Skin: 5 Lesser Known Beauty Benefits Of Wine For Skin

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