Publish0x Tutorials Learn & Earn Crypto

Publish0x Tutorials Learn & Earn Crypto

You can learn and earn crypto with Publish0x. You can learn and earn by reading articles on the website and tipping the author. Of course the authors of the articles are also earning crypto with Publish0x.

If you are interested in being a Publisher or Ambassador on Publish0x there are many tutorials on the website. You can learn about earning money with Publish0x on the website. This is about a Bounty0x Tutorial (Part II) that is on the Publish0x website. This article was created by BtcSapiens.

This article will tell you about being a Bounty Hunter on Publish0x and what Bounty Hunters do. You will see 15 ways people can get rewards on Publish0x.

Bounty0x Tutorial (Part II) Who Are The Bounty Hunters? 15 Ways To Get Rewards By BtcSapiens
The Bounty0x Tutorial (Part II)

After you read this Tutorial on Publish0x you can see a message about rating the article with Thumb Up and Thumb Down icons. You can also see a message about tipping the author. If you click to Tip the Author when the percentages are set to 80% for the Author and 20% for you you might see a message like this.

You’ve tipped BtcSapiens 0.1556 BAT
You’ve received 0.0389 BAT

BAT is a Basic Attention Token. On the lower right of that message there is a button link Learn More About BAT you can click to get information about the Basic Attention Token BAT.

When you look at the article again at the bottom of the article you can see a button to Follow the author BtcSapiens. There is also a message that you have to wait to tip that Author again but you can still tip other bloggers.

This Publish0x widget shows you some more Tutorials on Publish0x. You can learn and earn with these Publish0x tutorials. You can put the widgets on your websites and blogs and earn with them.

Join Publish0x and learn and earn crypto. Look at the Ambassador program to see the widgets. You can add the widget code to your website. Publish0x has Publish0x banners there for members to help them promote Publish0x.

As an Ambassador you’ll also earn 5% of the tips your referrals generate. You can also attach your referral code to the end of article Urls.

This is what an Ambassador Link looks like.

If you are sharing a Publish0x article Url you can add the referral code part of the Url ?a=y1aKx1rbQG to the article Url.

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