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Do you procrastinate? Are you forever putting things off till tomorrow, missing deadlines and pulling all nighters to get projects done last minute? We’ve got the solution. We’re going to help you beat that monster called procrastination once and for all with our three-step method!

How to Stop Procrastinating

3 Step Method
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How To Stop Procrastinating And Get Stuff Done
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How to Stop Procrastinating? How to stop procrastinating on your homework or work? In case you’re always putting off important tasks, and wondering how to be more effective and finally get things done, this video will be your personal guide to the world of successful and highly-efficient people. If you follow some simple tips that will positively transform your life, you’ll get on with it and get things done in no time.

Why do you procrastinate?

Why do we procrastinate? 1:10
#7. Change your environment. 3:12
#6. Break your task into small pieces. 4:06
#5. Use the 15-minute rule. 4:46
#4. Start with the hardest thing. 5:41
#3. Reward yourself. 6:31
#2. Hang out with inspiring people more often. 7:17
#1. Try time management. 8:00
The dangers of procrastination 9:02

Try to do the task for 15 minutes.

-The more distractions there are in your work environment, the fewer chances you have of getting anything done.
-If the thought of doing a major task is overwhelming, try to break it into a couple of smaller ones.
-Grab a timer, set it for 15 minutes, and start working. Once you begin, you’ll get into it and forget about the time frames.
-Pick the hardest task on your list, and do it first. The most difficult task is usually the one you’ll procrastinate about the most.
-If you have to study for a test, review one question, and then watch one YouTube video or 10 minutes of your favorite TV show.
-When you surround yourself with driven and inspiring people, you want to do more to work toward your dreams.
-Specialists say that the best way to manage your time is to write down everything from your tasks to your daily routines.
-Moreover, research has confirmed that students who procrastinated during their academic term lowered their immune system’s protection, developing way more colds, gastrointestinal problems, and even insomnia. Procrastination can also ruin your social relationships and destroy team projects.

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