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Dill Pickle Popcorn Gallon Bag At Bulk Candy Store

Here is a pickle flavored treat on the Bulk Candy Store, Dill Pickle Popcorn. The popcorn is made fresh daily. This popcorn is popped in pure coconut oil. The price for a gallon bag of the Dill Pickle Popcorn is $14.29. You can also order a smaller munch bag and 2 gallon bags. Click the popcorn image or the link for more information or to buy popcorn.
Dill Pickle Popcorn Gallon Bag At Bulk Candy Store

Refrigerator Pickles Recipe Cookie And Kate

This is an Easy Homemade Pickles Recipe. Making these pickles would be a good summer project. These pickles are crisp, tangy and refreshing with garden-fresh flavor. The pickles are sweetened with maple syrup or sugar. A bay leaf is put in the jar to help keep the pickles crisp or crunchy. After you make the pickles you will refrigerate them for at least 1 hour (for pickle rounds) or at least 3 hours (for pickle spears). The flavor will continue to develop over the next couple of days. You may be able to keep the pickles in the refrigerator for 3 weeks. This recipe yields one medium jar of pickles (about 2 cups of sliced pickles or 16 spears). Click the pickle image or the link to see the recipe on the Cookie And Kate website.
Refrigerator Pickles Recipe On Cookie And Kate Website

On This Day, November 14th, It’s National Pickle Day
On This Day

This Pickle Day video is on YouTube in the On This Day Channel. The Pickle Day video contains many words that start with the letter p in it, historical information about pickles and lasts about 1 minute and 56 seconds.

Slice Of Pickle Cucumber Round Pillow 50% Off With Code BLACKFRIHER

Slice Of Pickle Cucumber Round Pillow 50% Off With Code BLACKFRIHERE
Displayed on both sides of the pillow, this delicious pillow will bring a splash of green to any room you want to decorate in your home. Use as a home accent or home decor piece to add a little primary color to your kitchen, living room, or kids room. The pillow is made with 100% brushed polyester and it is wrinkle free. The pillow inserts are hypoallergenic. Click the pickle pillow image or the link for more information or to purchase.
Slice Of Pickle Cucumber Round Pillow On Zazzle

Holiday Activities
You can look at the Pickle Day video above. It is an On This Day video. There are pickle puzzles to put together on jigsaw puzzle websites. You can put the puzzles together on the website.

There are several pickles in this pickle puzzle on the Jigsaw Planet website. You can hear a click sound when the puzzle pieces snap together. There are several pages of pickle puzzles at this link on the Jigsaw Planet website Pickle Puzzles On Jigsaw Planet. Click the pickle puzzle image or the link to see the pickle puzzle above on the Jigsaw Planet website.
Pickles Puzzle On The Jigsaw Planet Website

Pickled Asparagus Recipe From The AllRecipes Website

The pickled asparagus would make a good appetizer or garnish. You can see this recipe with a video on the All Recipes website. Click the pickled asparagus image or the link to see the recipe on the All Recipes website.
Pickled Asparagus Recipe On The AllRecipes Website

This post has links to Dill Pickle Popcorn, an Easy Homemade Pickles Recipe, a Pickle Day YouTube Video, a Slice Of Pickle Cucumber Round Pillow, an Online Pickles Puzzle, a Pickled Asparagus Recipe, 12 Days Of Pickle Gift Ideas, The Pickled Pantry: From Apples to Zucchini, 150 Recipes Book, a Pickle Ball Ping Pong Paddle, a The Joys Of Refrigerator Pickles Infographic, a Birthday Mug Cookie Bouquet, Holiday Deals, The Achievement Program, Holiday Comics, a Thank You Cookie Bouquet, Children’s Activities Websites, Custom Gifts on Zazzle, a Happy Day Cookie Bouquet Gift Basket, Men & Women’s Perfume And Cologne Samples, Donate To GiftsNDays, a 20% Discount on Online Therapy and Pickle Erasers.

12 Days Of Pickle Gift Ideas On Picklemans

Picklemans has gift cards and a rewards program. Click the pickle image or the link to see the Pickle Gift Ideas of Picklemans.
12 Days Of Pickle Gift Ideas On Picklemans

November Holidays
National Pickle Day November 14th
Pickle Day is celebrated on the fourteen of November. Pickle Day is a food holiday about pickles. The pickles people are referring to when they say pickle are fermented cucumbers. Many other foods are pickled but pickled cucumbers are a favorite. National Pickle Day has a 1 Gifty rating on the Giftypedia website. When you post about Pickle Day on the Internet post with #PickleDay hashtags.

The Pickled Pantry: From Apples to Zucchini, 150 Recipes For Pickles, Relishes, Chutneys & More

Blending grandmother pickling know-how with today’s Internet resources, Andrea Chesman shows you how easy it is to fill your pantry with tasty pickles, homemade sauerkraut, relishes, chutneys and more. Explaining classic techniques in simple language, guiding you to helpful websites, and making you laugh with humorous stories, Chesman provides inspiration and encouragement for both first-time picklers and dedicated home canners. With tips on pickling everything from apples to zucchini, you’ll enjoy exploring the variety of flavors that can fill a Mason jar. The Pickled Pantry Cookbook has 304 pages. You can add the book to a Wishlist on the Bookshop website. Click the book image or the link for more information or to purchase.
The Pickled Pantry: From Apples to Zucchini, 150 Recipes For Pickles, Relishes, Chutneys & More On Bookshop

Pickle Ball Ping Pong Paddle On Zazzle

You can customize this pickle ball ping pong paddle with text or images to create a personalized gift. The pickle ball paddle has an ergonomic handle. The paddle design is printed on the smooth rubber strike surface. For one-sided printing, the undecorated side features firm rubber for speed and spin. Click the paddle image or the link for more information or to purchase.
Pickle Ball Ping Pong Paddle On Zazzle

The Joys Of Refrigerator Pickles Infographic

These refrigerator pickles are made by pouring brine over some produce in a jar. The pickles are then kept in the fridge and can be eaten for two months. Click the Refrigerator Pickle image or the link for more information on the Beatrix And Midge website.
The Joys Of Refrigerator Pickles Infographic

National Pickle Day On Giftypedia
Pickle Gifts On Zazzle
Pickle Gifts On Zazzle

Pickle Comic On GoComics

Birthday Mug Cookie Bouquet On Cookie Bouquet Website

Seven scrumptious assorted gourmet cookies fill this mug with delicious birthday wishes. The recipient will think of you when they use their mug. You can add a teddy bear to this gift for only $5.95. The Birthday Mug Bouquet Includes One Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, One Sugar Cookie, One Peanut Butter Cookie, One M&M Cookie, One White Chocolate Chip Cookie & Two Chocolate Chip Cookies. Click the cookie bouquet image or the link for more information or to purchase.
Birthday Mug Cookie Bouquet On Cookie Bouquet Website

Holiday Deals, Discounts, BOGOs & Freebies
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Earn Money For Deals, Coupons And Referrals As A MoneyMaker Free Membership

Achievement Opportunity Program
Celebrate Holidays, Earn For Health Activities, For Posting About Health Related Subjects And For Reading Their Posts With The Achievement Program
Look at this Achievement GiftsNDays post, join the Achievement Program and earn for health and lifestyle activities. Membership is Free.


Holiday Comics On GoComics
Pickle Comics

Thank You Cookie Bouquet On Cookie Bouquet Website

A “thank you” is so much sweeter when you send it with this special hand decorated buttercream cookie arranged in a bouquet of eleven other “fresh from the oven” assorted cookies. The Thank You Bouquet includes a Buttercream Frosted “Thank You” Cutout Cookie, 2 Chocolate Chip Cookies, 2 Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, 2 Sugar Cookies, 2 Peanut Butter Cookies, 2 M&M Cookies and 1 White Chocolate Chip Cookie. Click the cookie bouquet image or the link to read more about cookie bouquets or to purchase.
Thank You Cookie Bouquet Cookie Bouquet Website

Holiday Activities, Crafts, Learning Websites

These websites have activities, crafts and learning materials about many subjects. The sites may have activities and information about pickles, Pickle Day and other holidays.

Activities For Children
Educational Themes
Poetry For Kids
Animated Educational Videos For Kids

15% Off on Gifts & Flowers

Baby Gifts

Cosmetic Gifts, Cookie Gifts, Holiday Gifts, Scorpio Gifts, Sagittarius Gifts, November and December Gifts On Zazzle

You can get November and December birthday gifts on the Zazzle website. You could also get special astrological Zodiac gifts for friends and relatives. Zazzle has many pretty paperweights, skateboards and many other special gifts. There are many photo collage gifts that can be personalized with names, dates and other text and images.

Zazzle has lots of fun gifts to help you celebrate holidays. You can send balloons, cookies and candy and other gifts to people from Zazzle. Zazzle has many kinds of mugs, beer steins and commuter cups. You can buy t-shirts, hoodies, leggings and hats. You can get phone cases and mouse pads. You can get watches, clocks and lamps. You can add photos and other images and text to create unique personalized gifts.

Cosmetic Gifts On Zazzle
Cookie Gifts On Zazzle
Stationery Gifts On Zazzle
Writing Gifts On Zazzle
Cards On Zazzle
Baby Gifts On Zazzle
Holiday Gifts On Zazzle
Scorpio Gifts On Zazzle
Sagittarius Gifts On Zazzle
November Gifts On Zazzle
December Gifts On Zazzle
Jewelry Gifts On Zazzle
Shirt Gifts On Zazzle
Candy Gifts On Zazzle
Chocolate Gifts On Zazzle
Hat Gifts On Zazzle

Baby Gifts

Happy Comic On GoComics

This content contains some affiliate links which means if you click a link and purchase I may receive a commission without any extra cost to you. Thank you.

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Happy Comic On GoComics

Happy Day Cookie Bouquet Gift Basket From CookieBouquets

These colorfully wrapped scrumptious cookies arranged in a wicker basket will make someone smile. The Happy Day Cookie Bouquet is perfect for any occasion! You can add a teddy bear for $5.95. Select 12, 18, 24 or 36 cookies. Click the cookie bouquet image or the link for more information or to purchase.
Happy Day Cookie Bouquet From Cookie Bouquets

Perfume And Cologne Samples Men’s And Women’s Fragrances


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Donate With PayPal To Help Support GiftsNDays

Happy Comic On GoComics

20% Discount Get Help With Online Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

For the pandemic they are offering parts of their online therapy platform for free. The free access includes their online therapy program with 8 easy-to-follow sections and 25 worksheets, yoga and meditation videos, activity plan, journal and tests.

You can learn helpful stress relief techniques at this website. You can learn how to be happier with online therapy, too. You can also learn better communication skills, social skills and coping skills to improve your relationships.
Look at the Online Therapy website at www.Online-Therapy.com/?ref=168880

Are You Sad Or Depressed? You can get online help with depression at the Online Therapy website, too.
Get Depression Help With Online Therapy

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Pickle Erasers On Little Obsesssed Website

Made a mistake? No big dill – just pull out a pickle eraser! The pickle eraser is fun and fully functional to erase those messy errors and clean up your work! This pickle eraser (formerly a cucumber eraser) by Fred is sold individually, and each is 2.75″ long complete with stem. These pickle erasers are perfect for school or office care packages! The pickle erasers come in a jar. Click the pickle eraser jar image or the link for more information or to purchase.
Pickle Erasers On Little Obsesssed Website

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National Pickle Day Books On The BookShop Website

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