Parfait Day 11 25

National Parfait Day November 25th

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National Parfait Day is a dessert holiday. Parfait Day is celebrated on November 25th. Parfaits are desserts that are made with pudding, ice cream, yogurt, cream, fruit or fruit syrup and cherries on top. You can also make healthy breakfast parfaits with yogurt, nuts or cereal and fruit. This post has links to holiday deals, a Vintage Retro Kitsch Parfaits Postcard, Parfait Day on holiday websites, a Fruit Parfaits Recipe, a Lemon Yogurt Parfait recipe, a No Bake Cheesecake Parfaits recipe, a Food Spelling Quiz, activity websites, Zazzle gifts and free click donations. National Parfait Day rates 2 Giftys on Giftypedia. Post about Parfait Day on social media with #NationalParfaitDay or #ParfaitDay tags.

Vintage Retro Kitsch Parfaits Postcard
Vintage Retro Kitsch 50s Soda Fountain Parfaits Postcard
60% Off With Code ZAZFAVEGIFTS

Vintage Retro Kitsch Parfaits Postcard
Vintage Retro Kitsch 50s Soda Fountain Parfaits Postcard
60% Off With Code ZAZFAVEGIFTS
Vintage Retro Kitsch 50s Soda Fountain Parfaits Postcards On Zazzle

National Parfait Day On Holiday Websites
Parfait Day On Days Of The Year
National Parfait Day On Giftypedia
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Fruit Parfaits Recipe On Betty Crocker

Fruit Parfaits Recipe On Betty Crocker

Lemon Yogurt Parfait Recipe On Davita

Easy No Bake Cheesecake Parfaits Recipe

Food Spelling Quiz On Quiz Bliss

If you can spell all these food words correctly you may see a dancing pickle at the end. Then you can share your results on Facebook.

You may find activities, crafts and learning materials about parfaits, National Parfait Day and other holidays at these websites.

Holiday Activities, Crafts, Learning Websites

These websites have activities, crafts and learning materials about many subjects. The sites may have activities and information about parfaits, Parfait Day and other holidays.

Activities For Children
Educational Themes
Poetry For Kids
Animated Educational Videos For Kids

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Zazzle has lots of fun gifts to help you celebrate holidays. You can send balloons, cookies and candy and other gifts to people from Zazzle. Zazzle has many kinds of mugs, beer steins and commuter cups. You can buy t-shirts, hoodies, leggings and hats. You can get phone cases and mouse pads. You can get watches, clocks and lamps. You can add photos and other images and text to create unique personalized gifts.

Parfait Gifts On Zazzle
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Scrabble Gifts On Zazzle
Thanksgiving On Zazzle
Stationery Gifts On Zazzle
Writing Gifts On Zazzle
Cards On Zazzle
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Jewelry Gifts On Zazzle
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Cookie Gifts On Zazzle
Hat Gifts On Zazzle

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Click To Make Free Donations To Many Causes

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