Old Rock Day

National Old Rock Day

National Old Rock Day is a rock holiday celebrated on January 7th every year. This holiday is for classic rock music and rocks. This is a day for pet rocks, geodes, jewelry, rock collections, geology and rock activities. You could try painting rocks or affirmations on rocks for your garden. This post has links to geodes, Old Rock Day T-Shirts and the rocky holiday on holiday websites. This rocky holiday rates 3 Giftys on Giftypedia. Rock On!

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National Old Rock Day On Giftypedia
National Old Rock Day On Days Of The Year

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Old Rock Day T-Shirt
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Old Rock Day T-Shirt
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This light blue long sleeved Old Rock Day T-Shirt can be customized with text and images. You can add photos, other images, names, dates, quotes and other info to create personalized gifts. The t-shirts come in many styles, sizes and colors.

You may find activities, crafts and learning materials about rocks, Old Rock Day and other holidays at these websites.

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