New Sharpay Affiliate And Referral Programs

New Sharpay Affiliate And Referral Programs

You Earn For Sharing With Sharpay

Sharpay has added a new way that people can earn with Sharpay. Sharpay has started a referral program. You can get referrals by sharing your links. The amount of referrals you can get is unlimited. You will get 100 S Tokens Referral Reward per referral. Your referrals will also receive 100 S Tokens Welcome Extra Reward. Membership in Sharpay is free.

The referrals are qualified after they register with your referral link and after their first share using Sharpay buttons. After that you will get 100 S Tokens Referral Reward per referral. Then they will get their 100 S Tokens Welcome Extra Rewards.

New Sharpay Affiliate And Referrals Programs

The Sharpay affiliate program helps to recruit new webmasters who will have Sharpay buttons on their sites. There is no limit to the amount of affiliates you can have. You will get 400 S Tokens Affiliate Reward per affiliate referral. Your affiliate referrals will also receive 400 S Tokens new button installation reward after the button installation and their first share using Sharpay buttons. You will also get 3% Commission from your affiliated webmaster’s expenses.

The Sharpay Video And Website

Like other people on the Internet, you like content. You spend a lot of time on social networks. You like sharing and you would like to capitalize on your sharing. You’re in luck! There is a free crypto sharing opportunity with Share Buttons that you can earn Sharpay Tokens with. Look at the YouTube Video about Sharpay: What Is That?

Content Promotion
Would you like to earn tokens for sharing? Would you like people to earn tokens for sharing content on your sites? Sharpay could help you to promote your blog free!

Click Share Buttons And Earn With Sharpay

How You Can Earn Crypto Tokens Browsing The Internet
You’re browsing the Internet and looking at clothing, crafts, gifts and other things that interest you. You notice a Sharpay Share button on the upper left or lower on the page. When you click a shirt or gift you see another Sharpay Share button on that page. Click the Sharpay Share button and you will earn Sharpay Tokens free for sharing that post, site, article or image. You help the content creator and you earn Sharpay Tokens free. The content creator gets visits and backlinks. More people will see their site on social networks. You are sharing with Sharpay and earning while you’re browsing the Net. All of that is free.

That isn’t all. You can increase your site’s traffic with Sharpay Share buttons on your site. You can see more about that on this page: The Sharpay App. After you join Sharpay, which is free, you can add the Sharpay Share buttons to your blog or website. If you have a WordPress Blog, you can easily add the Sharpay Share buttons by installing the Free WordPress Sharpay Plugin. This is accomplished by clicking Plugins in your blog dashboard and Add New. Then search for Sharpay in the Plugins searchbar.

The Sharpay Process For Users

The Sharpay App

The Sharpay App

You can join Sharpay at this website.

If you have a WordPress blog you can add a Sharpay plugin and Sharpay Share buttons will be on your site.

Sites With Sharpay Buttons
You can search for sites that have Sharpay Buttons and you can see sites that have Sharpay Buttons on the Sharpay Facebook and Medium sites. This is an article Sharpay has posted on their Medium with New Sites With Sharpay Buttons On October 16, 2019: (English)

2) Fuengirola Guide. If you are traveling to Fuengirola, a coastline full of incredible and beautiful beaches in Spain, you should visit this travel guide. (English)

3) id1 Club. A blog about crypto and blockchain news, airdrop, services and discussion. (Russian)

You can see posts about new sites with Sharpay Buttons on the Sharpay Facebook and Medium pages. The Sharpay Facebook and Medium pages are in this list of Sharpay Social Sites:

Sharpay On Social Sites

Do you want to see some videos about Sharpay? You can see videos about Sharpay on Facebook and YouTube.

Sharpay Videos On Facebook
Sharpay Videos On YouTube

You can join Sharpay with my referral link.

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