National Rural Health Day

Over 60 million Americans live and work in seemingly idyllic, rural communities. But life gets challenging when illness or pregnancy forces you to travel greater distances to see a doctor, or get to a hospital if the local one closed due to lack of funding. National Rural Health Day on November 15, an annual event on the third Thursday each November, helps us focus on the state of rural healthcare. We celebrate the providers, healthcare professionals, and community leaders who keep the spirit of small-town America alive in the best way possible. National Rural Health Day – History ​2018 ​Congress passed the

Source: National Rural Health Day – November 15, 2018 | National Today

The National Rural Health Day holiday post from the National Today website. The holiday is celebrated on the third Thursday of November annually. If you want to see the post on the National Today website, click this link:

National Rural Health Day Video

Celebrating National Rural Health Day
You can download a guide with ideas for celebrating National Rural Health Day from this site:
Here are some of the ideas for Celebrating Rural Health Day

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