National Book Month

October Is National Book Month

National Book Month is a month for books, reading and literature. National Book Month was created by The National Book Foundation in 2003. The National Book Foundation National Book Awards are given on October 15th. The National Book Foundation website is at

10 Surprising Benefits Of Reading More Video Practical Psychology Channel

The Once Upon A Book Club sends members a book a month in a box with 3 to 5 gifts. The gifts are about an object or action that happens in the book and they are opened when that happens in the book. The club memberships provide books for Adults or Young Adults.

Pink Once Upon A Book Club Tote Bag
Pink Once Upon A Book Club Tote Bag

Benefits Of Reading

10 Benefits Of Reading

National Book Month On The National Book Foundation

Benefits Of Reading Infographic

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Holiday Activities, Crafts, Learning Websites

These websites have activities, crafts and learning materials about many subjects. The sites may have activities and information about books, reading, National Book Month and other holidays.

Activities For Children
Educational Themes
Poetry For Kids
Animated Educational Videos For Kids
KidzWorld Kids Social Network

Book Gifts, Holiday Gifts and October Gifts On Zazzle

Book Gifts On Zazzle
Holiday Gifts On Zazzle
October Gifts On Zazzle

Reading Aloud Books On Amazon
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