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What Monopoly Can Teach You About Money

Do you think you can learn much about finance by playing Monopoly? Then look at this video describing What Monopoly Can Teach You About Money. The video is only 10:01 minutes long. Why not see what you can learn about finances by playing the Monopoly game? This video is on the Practical Wisdom – Interesting Ideas Channel on YouTube.

Practical Wisdom – Interesting Ideas

June 14 2021

Practical Wisdom – Interesting Ideas

Monopoly is a fun game that can be played and enjoyed for hours, but did you know that besides becoming a real estate mogul, it can teach you a couple of things about money. Well, in this video, they’ll share with you a few lessons that apply not only to the board game but also in the world of finance and investing. Enjoy!

(00:27) 1. Always have cash on hand
(01:27) 2. Patience pays
(02:25) 3. Focus on cash flow
(03:26) 4. The most expensive asset is not always the best
(04:09) 5. Diversify your investments
(05:13) 6. Control your emotions when investing
(06:37) 7. Take calculated risks
(07:59) 8. Negotiating is a very important skill to have
(09:04) 9. Take a time out once in a while

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This Seidman’s “Winning Monopoly” book teaches the clear and simple strategy for winning the popular board game “Monopoly.” In this book, Seidman also provides charts and histograms that show precisely the frequency that properties are landed on and the expected money that each will generate from rent. From the clearly presented strategy and the chart visualizations you will know precisely not only which properties to own and negotiate for, but also which monopolies to own and negotiate for, as well as how to optimally develop houses and hotels so you can be the winner. You can add this book to a Wishlist on the Bookshop website. Click the book image or the link for more information or to purchase.
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