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Introducing Kidazzler A Kid Friendly Business Directory

The Kidazzler Community is creating a kid friendly business directory. The Kidazzler Directory will be a great parent resource with businesses and stores that provide products and services for children and kid friendly stores, restaurants and businesses. Look at these Kidazzler videos and read this post for more information about the Kidazzler opportunity.

What Is Kidazzler? Introducing Kidazzler Video

Kidazzler is offering members a Revenue Share Model. There are two phases to the opportunity. They are currently in Phase 1, which is through March 2019. The directory is not launched to the public yet.

You can join Kidazzler and earn monthly income for adding businesses to the directory. You will be able to earn $10 a month for each business you add that pays to advertise in the directory. That business is locked to you.

All About Kidazzler Part 1: “Shared Revenue Model” And How it Works

You could start to add businesses by looking for kid friendly stores and businesses online. Adding the businesses is accomplished by typing in the business name, phone number and address on the Kidazzler website or with the app. It will be easier if you type in the phone number first because you will see if the business is locked or not. If it is already locked you can’t add that business.

What Business Should You Add To Kidazzler? Video
All About Kidazzler Part 2: What Businesses To Add

After you have joined the Kidazzler program you will have a referral link with your referral code. You can invite other people to join through Facebook, Twitter and by email. You will also earn monthly income for your referrals if the businesses they add pay for advertising. You could get $2.00 per business per month for your first level referrals and $1.00 per business per month for second level referrals.

There Are So Many Businesses You Could Add To Kidazzler The Possibilities Video

Kidazzler Phase 1
During the first phase Kidazzler members work on building the directory. The directory will not be searchable until the end of phase 1. Contributors type in businesses’ names and contact information. The Kidazzler team contacts the businesses and offers them to advertise on the Kidazzler platform.

Phase 2 starts in April 2019. That’s when the businesses that agreed to advertise with Kidazzler will start paying their fees. The Kidazzler directory will also become searchable.

The contributors will start getting paid their share. They could receive monthly income in May or June of 2019.

Look at this webpage on Kidazzler. You can see a video about Kidazzler and join there with Facebook or your name, email address, password and country. It is easy to join Kidazzler and membership is free.

Kidazzler Referral Link
Kidazzler Referral Link

Join Kidazzler With This Link

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