Happy Cat Video

September Is Happy Cat Month Animated Video
9 Essentials For A Happy Cat

Funny Simon’s Cat Animated Video

September is National Happy Cat Month. Simon’s Cat has produced a video with the 9 Essentials For A Happy Cat. The video shows 9 animated versions of the 9 Essentials For A Happy Cat. Simon’s Cat is an active playful cat, however, so the essentials seem funny in this video.

9 Essentials For A Happy Cat

The Nine Essentials For A Happy Cat Are:

1 Warm Place To Sleep
2 Healthy Diet
3 Regular Check Ups
4 Space To Exercise
5 Regular Grooming
6 Channel Their Inner Huntsman
7 Scratching Post
8 Provide Entertainment
9 Cat Cuddles

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9 Essentials For A Happy Cat Simon’s Cat Collection


Number 4 In The Video
Space To Exercise

The Number 4 Essential For Happy Cats In The Video: Space To Exercise

Happy Cat Month

Happy Cat Month was created to increase awareness of the many facets of cat care. Cats should get regular medical check ups, they should have space to exercise, they should have scratching posts and they should get regular grooming. People should be kind to their feline pets and give them attention and affection. The cats should also have cat toys and cozy cat beds.

Happy Cat Month On Days Of The Year

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Simon’s Cat 9 Essentials For A Happy Cat Video

The 9 Essentials For A Happy Cat Video On Uvioo

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