Happy Birthday Singing Candles Animated Video

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This is a cute animated video for birthdays on YouTube. The scene is a room with a sofa, a table, a chair and wallpaper. There are four candles on a chocolate cake on the table. The camera zooms in. Three of the candles wicks are lit. The Happy Birthday Singing Candles sing Happy Birthday To You with their candles lit. Then one of the candles blows out the singing candles lights. This is an animated birthday video in the GreatBirthdayIdeas Channel on YouTube. The video is a 55 second video. If it is your birthday today Happy Birthday To You!

Happy Birthday Singing Candles Animated Video

You can send this as an egreeting card from the 123Greetings website.

This cute musical animated video is an ecard on the 123Greetings website. Click the singing candles video image or the link to send a customized version of the animated video as an ecard to someone.
Ecard On The 123Greetings Website

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