Garden Meditation Day

Miniature Desktop Zen Garden On Overstock

This is a Zen Garden that comes with Sand, a Rock and a Rake for Relaxation and Meditation. This set is for Zen Gardening. The Zen Garden Set is only $18.49 on the Overstock website. This set comes with a tray, sand, artificial moss, small stones, a rake, incense, and an incense holder. Create Tranquility when you set up your zen garden. Place rocks in the garden’s sand, and make even lines using the rake. Simply smooth out the sand and begin again when the mood strikes you. The zen garden is great for any space. The mini zen garden is perfect for office desks, spas, meditation rooms and more. The mini zen garden will create a space of peace. Zen gardens are traditionally used for meditation. Click the image or the link for more information or to purchase. Miniature Desktop Zen Garden On Overstock

Garden Meditation Day

Garden Meditation Day is celebrated on May 3rd every year. This holiday combines the stress relieving benefits of meditation and being in the garden to create a happy, peaceful day. The Garden Meditation Day holiday was started by the Garden Lady of This post has links to Stained Glass Mayers Window Panels, the holiday on holiday websites, a Beginners Meditation Secret Garden video, How To Make A Meditation Garden on Wikihow, a Desktop Miniature Zen Garden, Similar Holidays and a Stain Glass Abstract Meditation Painting Wall Tapestry On S6.

Stained Glass Mayers Webbed Heart Window Panel

As an alternative to a garden meditation, you could brighten your home with a stained glass window panel. Turn any ordinary window into an grand display with this eye-catching stained-glass panel. Taking on a 22″ circular silhouette with uneven edges, it showcases a geometric design with an intricate pattern and a rainbow of bright colors. Once hung up on your window using the 30″ metal chain, it’s sure to shine as the sun comes through and reflects around the room. The Mayers Webbed Heart Window Panel is individually hand soldered.

Stained Glass Mayers Webbed Heart Window Panel

Garden Meditation Day On Holiday Websites

Garden Meditation Day On Always The Holiday
Garden Meditation Day On Days Of The Year
Garden Meditation Day On Happy-Days 365
National Garden Meditation Day On National Day Calendar

Beginners Meditation Secret Garden
Meditation Zen – Guided Meditations & Sleep Music

A gentle guided meditation that takes you on a relaxing journey into a secret garden. Ideal for beginners and people wanting to destress and wind down from a day of worry or trouble.

How To Make A Meditation Garden On Wikihow
How to Make a Meditation Garden: 11 Steps (With Pictures) On WikiHow

WikiHow shows you how to create a meditation garden in 11 steps with pictures. Click the image or the link for more information.

Similar Holidays
National Gardening Exercise Day
National Gardening Exercise Day On Giftypedia
World Human Spirit Day
People will meditate at 3 pm Eastern Time on World Human Spirit Day on February 17th. People are encouraged to have 2 minutes of silence to meditate for the human spirit. World Human Spirit Day rates 2 Giftys on Giftypedia.
World Human Spirit Day On Giftypedia
World Peace Meditation Day
People will be meditating for world peace on December 31st, World Peace Meditation Day. One of the ideas of this holiday is that the positive energy of World Peace Meditation Day will bless the new year with peace. World Peace Meditation Day rates 2 Giftys on Giftypedia.
World Peace Meditation Day On Giftypedia

Stain Glass Abstract Meditation Painting Wall Tapestry On S6

Stain Glass Abstract Meditation Painting Wall Tapestry On S6
These lightweight Wall Tapestries feature vivid colors and create an awesome centerpiece for any space. The tapestries aren’t just wall hangings either – they’re durable enough to use as tablecloths or picnic blankets. The tapestries are available in three sizes. They’re made of 100% lightweight polyester with hand-sewn finishes and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The tapestries are also easy to hang, fold up and pack away. Click the image or the link for more information or to purchase.
Stain Glass Abstract Meditation Painting Wall Tapestry On S6

Baby Gifts

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These colorfully wrapped scrumptious cookies arranged in a wicker basket will make someone smile. The Happy Day Cookie Bouquet is perfect for any occasion! You can add a teddy bear for $5.95. Select 12, 18, 24 or 36 cookies. Click the cookie bouquet image or the link for more information or to purchase.
Happy Day Cookie Bouquet From Cookie Bouquets

The Cocktail Garden: Botanical Cocktails For Every Season Hardcover $18.39

The Cocktail Garden offers cocktail recipes focused around the flavors and produce found throughout the seasons, all beautifully illustrated by artist Adriana Picker. From summery raspberries and rich figs to citrus and white peaches, apples and pineapples and infusions using a riot of herbs – basil and thyme, to sage and lavender and other flavors found in the garden. There are drinks for long hot summer afternoons spent among flowers in the garden, wine spritzers for breezy evenings on the back porch, champagne cocktails for celebrations under the apple tree, nightcaps for wintry nights by the fireside and fruity party punches for garden party gatherings with style. The Cocktail Garden has 176 pages. The book is $18.39 now. The price was $19.99. Click the book image or the link for more information or to purchase.
The Cocktail Garden Hardcover Book $18.39

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