Food Videos For Junk Food Day

Here are some Food Videos for you for Junk Food Day. The first video will show you some scrumptious homemade snack recipes. You can also see that video on Uvioo where you can earn for sharing videos. You’ll also learn if junk food is bad for people in a Peacock Kids video. You can learn more about food with the 25 Food Trivia Questions video which shows the answers.

These delicious homemade snack recipes will help you to create tempting snacks that are better than your fave junk food. You can see how to create the snacks in the video and see the recipes on the Taste website with the links below the video.

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12 Homemade Snacks Better Than Your Favorite Junk Food

1. Laminated Potato Chips:
2. Pizza Bites with Nacho Cheese Dipping Sauce:
3. Ice Cream Cookie Cups:
4. Chicken Chips:
5. Mini Onion Blossom Bites:
6. Glazed Unicorn Hearts:
7. Salted Caramel Popcorn Movie Bars:
8. Fried Caked Balls Filled with Nutella
9. Lasagna Cups:
10. Cinnamon Roll Caramel Apple Pie Cups:
11. Cheesesteak Bites:
12. Buttermilk Biscuit Chili Cups:

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12 Homemade Snacks Better Than Your Favorite Junk Food
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Is Junk Food Really Bad For You? Colossal Questions
Peacock Kids

It can be so delicious… maybe even Too delicious? Today we’re going to try and answer this once and for all: how bad is junk food?

Welcome to Colossal Questions, the show that answers all of life’s most pressing questions!

25 Food Trivia Questions Trivia Questions & Answers
Trivia Time

You probably eat 3 meals a day and a variety of cuisines, maybe even enjoy a few snacks and cook yourself. But how food savvy are you? Find out with these 25 Food Trivia Questions to challenge your general knowledge about food.


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