Flower Superstitions

Flower Superstitions

Daffodils Are Considered Lucky

Beliefs people have about flowers and their magic have been passed down through the ages in folk lore and superstitions. According to those superstitions some flowers are good luck and some have strange effects. Some flowers are said to protect people or places from evil, witchcraft or illness.

Folk lore about day lilies reports that wearing the flowers lightens distress by making the wearer forget her problems. Poppies, though considered a symbol of remembrance are also believed to make their wearer’s worries disappear. In ancient times farmers believed poppies should be grown in the cornfield to ensure a good corn crop.

Certain flowers like roses and anemones are considered charms that ward off sickness and bad luck. Yellow marigolds are believed to protect people and places from witches and witchcraft. Daffodils are considered lucky. According to Welsh lore the first person who sees a daffodil will have a prosperous year. If the flower of the daffodil that is seen is drooping, though, that person will have bad luck that year.

If a white rose blooms in autumn that may indicate an early marriage. Roses were planted near graves to protect the dead from evil. Red roses were planted near graves of lovers and white roses near graves of virgins. One rose superstition is that if rose leaves are tossed into a flame that will bring good luck.

If a young woman has more than one lover she can determine the one to marry by writing the men’s names on rose leaves and then throwing them into the wind. The name on the last leaf to touch the ground is the one she will marry. Falling rose petals may be an omen of death. One superstition like that is that if rose petals fall off roses a person is holding then that person will pass away soon.

Young men may use bachelor button flowers to predict the outcome of relationships according to an ancient tradition. The flowers should be picked early in the morning and kept in the man’s pocket for 24 hours. Then if the flower is still fresh the relationship will be successful but if it is shriveled the relationship will not work.

According to tradition a daisy is used to determine true love by removing the petals one at a time and saying he loves me, he loves me not or she loves me, she loves me not until the final petal determines if the love is true or not. Daisies may also show a vision of someone’s future partner if a daisy root is kept under their pillow.

Odd numbers of flowers are better than even in bouquets according to superstitions. Send bouquets with odd numbers of flowers because even numbers are traditionally for the dead and may bring bad luck. Don’t send bouquets with only red and white flowers because they may be considered bad luck. Red and white flowers may worsen illness or bring on death when given to those sick in a hospital. White flowers whose flowers are drooping or heavily scented are also considered to portend sickness or death when given to people in hospitals.

An English primrose superstition is that you should only bring primroses into your house in groups of thirteen primroses or you may have bad luck. It is considered unlucky to bring real flowers on to an aircraft. Pansy superstitions caution that picking pansies in good weather may cause a rainstorm. Periwinkles are associated with witchcraft and death according to superstitions.

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