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Earn With The Friendz Community

The Friendz community enables you to create content for brands and share the content in your social networks and earn tokens. Friendz already has 200 brand clients and a community with 200k users. You can also be an approver and earn for checking content before it is published. Friendz also has mystery shopping, product testing, photos and community amplification. You can also earn 5% of your referrals’ investments. You can join Friendz with this link. https://steward.friendz.io/go?r=MTAwNDYyNA

Friendz members use a mobile app to participate in digital marketing campaigns of major brands by posting on social networks. Members create posts according to guidelines. After they are checked by Approvers they are published on social media. Members can become Approvers after they have completed a sufficient number of campaigns and achieved a high profile quality rating.

Friendz Tokens FDZ And Credits

Friendz currently rewards its users with Credits, which have a euro exchange rate. Users are able to convert their Credits to FDZ after they have a sufficient amount. Credits were used to exchange for gift cards and vouchers on the Friendz online store before Friendz tokens were introduced.

Friendz has a 4.6 Rating on ICOBench www.ICOBench.com/ico/friendz/ratings

Friendz is a tool that lets multinational companies involve a community of users on social networks for marketing purposes. Users get rewarded for creating contents for brands and sharing these contents on their personal social network profile. Friendz has an already working product, €1.2m in revenues, 200 clients (multinational companies) and a community of 200k users.

Business Model

Client companies purchase marketing services from Friendz. Friendz involves users in the creation of contents for those companies. Users share the contents on their social network profiles. Members get rewarded for their collaboration on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Medium with FDZ tokens. A network of skilled users, called approvers, checks the content before it is published. Users and approvers can spend their rewards to get gift cards and vouchers or in the Friendz online store.

From The Friendz FAQ:

What are credits?
Credits are a scoring system that tracks users’ participation degree to campaigns. Credits have a fixed equivalent value in euros that allows the definition of campaign size. Credits are the reward the community of users and approvers get for their support. After collecting a sufficient amount of Credits, it is possible to convert them into Friendz Coins in a specific section within the Friendz app. The amount of credits received depends on the effort required by every activity proposed.

How do you make sure that users social networks will not become a marketplace?
We offer to our users the possibility to participate to engaging activities and to create and publish contents that do not contain advertising messages. These contents are not requested by any company, but Friendz rewards users for participating as well as branded contents.

What is Friendz Token utility?

Friendz tokens (FDZ) are a utility token, ERC20 based on Ethereum blockchain.

Clients and multinational companies will be able to purchase our marketing services from our platform paying in Friendz tokens, with a discount.
Users will be able to gain tokens using the app and to spend them to purchase special features in the app that increase their engagement using Friendz tokens.
Users can purchase products and merchandising from our ecommerce and our partners online stores paying in Friendz tokens.
Users can take part to online games and contests which rules are set on the blockchain, using Friendz tokens.
Users can access premium features and games that require to stake a certain amount of tokens for a determined time span.
Friendz tokens can be transferred to external personal wallets.

What is the link between credits and coins?

Users can transform the credits they receive as a reward into Friendz tokens, after exceeding a set threshold. This can be done in a special section of the app. The credits scoring system has two advantages:

Users activity corresponds to an amount of credits that do not change with market conditions.
As of today, the blockchain cannot bear the amount of transactions required by our community (around 12,000 contents are uploaded daily on the app, and rewarded). The introduction of a threshold reduces the number of daily transactions performed.

Members find campaigns with the Friendz App. You can download the Friendz App from the Friendz website.
The Friendz Website Friendz.io

Friendz On Facebook
Friendz On Medium

Join Friendz, Earn FDZ And Get 5% Of Referrals Investments

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