Earn Triviala Crowns Free

Earn Triviala Crowns Free

Would you like to earn some Triviala Crowns free?

There are many ways to earn Crowns on Triviala for free:

You Earn Crowns For Playing Triviala Quizzes!
Many More Ways To Earn Crowns With Triviala!
10 crowns on registration
20 crowns for completing the optional demographic questionnaire
2 crowns for optionally completing each additional daily demographic question
100 crowns for uploading a photograph (once only)
50 crowns for referring a friend who goes on to register
50 crowns for submitting a quiz or 60 crowns for submitting a picture quiz
10 bonus loyalty crowns for every 100 crowns you earn
50 crowns on your birthday!
50 crowns for putting a link on your site or blog
10 crowns for submitting a question
10 crowns per User Generated Quiz played (once per quiz)
When you create a quiz, every time someone plays it you will receive 2 crowns
10 crowns if your User Generated Quiz is picked for our daily Twitter feed
10 crowns just for logging back in every day
20 crowns bonus for logging in every day for a week
100 crowns bonus for logging in every day for a month

Remember you will earn 50 Crowns every year on your birthday, 10 Crowns for logging in every day, 20 Crowns bonus for logging in every day for a week and 100 Crowns bonus for logging in every day for a month. You could also receive 2 Crowns every time someone plays a quiz you created that is on Triviala. Remember you can also see Triviala and earn Crowns with a mobile app.

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Earn Crowns For Referrals
You get extra 100 crowns for each new friend you invite who registers on Triviala. Membership in Triviala is free. You can receive your earnings via Paypal.

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How To Play Triviala Video On YouTube

Triviala Live Games

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