Earn Searching With Chrome Extension

Earn Searching With Chrome Extension On Presearch

You can earn Pre Tokens for searching online. You also get 25 Pre Tokens for joining. It is very easy. After you join Presearch add the Free Chrome Extension. Install the Free Chrome Extension and start earning. You can see many cryptocurrency sites on the home page.


You will get 25 Pre Tokens for joining. You can search on Google, Bing, YouTube, Etsy and other interesting searches. Presearch is an amazing free crypto opportunity. You can advertise on Presearch.

There are 88 sites you can search on Presearch. Here is a screenshot of some of them:

You can earn for up to 32 searches a day which would be 8 Pre Tokens. The default search engine is Google, but you can add other search engines. After you add some search icons you can set a new default search by moving the search icon to the left.

You can see how many tokens you have in the top right corner. You will earn 0.25 Pre Tokens per search, up to 32 searches per day (8 Pre Tokens).


After you join look at the tour and install the Free Chrome Extension. Click the Add To Chrome button in the upper right. After you login you will see your 25.00 PreCoin balance in the upper right of the page.

You can connect your Portal Account. Then it is easier to transfer tokens between Presearch and Portal. After you join install the Free Chrome Extension and start earning.

You can generate traffic to your sites with Free Traffic Generator. This is a Free Traffic Generator Link to PreSearch, a fun search engine with a free Chrome extension:
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Have Fun Searching With PreSearch!

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