Earn Passive Income With PC & IPRoyal Pawns App

Earn Passive Income With Proxy Service
10% For Referrals Free Membership

Earn Passive Income With IPRoyal Proxy Service

10% For Referrals Free Membership

Earn Passive Income Using Your Computer

Have you been a member of some of the programs that pay you for using your computer? Were you disappointed in the amount of money you were earning? Getting more referrals may have increased the amount you were earning considerably. Leaving the computer on overnight may also have increased your earnings.

However, there is a new paid for your computer use opportunity on the scene. The opportunity is on the IPRoyal website. With this opportunity you earn money by downloading an app. You are paid for the time the app is on your computer. You will also earn 10% for referrals.

Membership is free. People have been reporting on YouTube that they have earned money and received a payment the same day they joined. Earnings of $140 a month are possible with this app.

The minimum payment is only $1.00. You can be paid with Paypal or Payoneer. After you join the program select your currency, USD or EUR and setup your payment method in your account.

The name of this program is IPRoyal Pawns. You can see it on the IPRoyal website. You can also see it and join it with my referral link which is in this post.

These are the steps involved in joining the program and earning money.

1. Click the Referral Link below.
2. Register with your email. Verify your email by clicking a link in the verification email.
3. Download the app to your PC or Laptop. Click Open and the other links to install the app.
4. The app will run on your computer sharing your unused Internet.
5. Click Settings in your Dashboard.
6. Select the payment method PayPal or Payoneer. Enter your email address. Click Save.
7. Look for the IPRoyal Pawns App on your computer. Click Open or Run As Administrator. Login with your username and password.
8. You can withdraw your earnings after you earn 1$.

You can start earning money now by simply joining the IPRoyal Pawns program. Click the referral link below and register. Click the Verify link in the verification email you get. Then download the app in your Dashboard. Install the app. Click Settings in your Dashboard. Select the currency USD or EUR. Then select the payment method you prefer. Then click Save. You will start earning money that you can withdraw via PayPal or Payoneer after you have earned $1.

You may have to check to see that the app is running. One way to check is to login to the IPRoyal Pawns website and look in your Dashboard there. Another way to check is to look for the IPRoyal Pawns App on your computer. Click Run As Administrator or Open. Then login and you will see the app and your Dashboard there. There will be a Green Crown Icon of the app on your Taskbar.

Your Affiliate link is the referral link you will use to refer other members. You will earn 10% of their earnings. Your Affiliate link is in your Dashboard. Please click the Affiliate link below and join the IPRoyal Pawns program.

10% For Referrals Free Membership

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