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Learn How To Make Money On Your Computer

Wouldn’t you like to earn money when your computer is on? You can earn money with the TickerBar News Ticker program without doing any work. You will have a news ticker on your screen above your browser. You can earn money for having the TickerBar on when your computer is on. You will also earn money for referrals. This is a free program and it is easy to do.

Get Paid To Surf The Web With TickerBar

It is easy to earn money with the TickerBar News Ticker program. If you download TickerBar you will see a news ticker at the top of your browser. You will earn every day you have the TickerBar on your computer when the computer is on. There is no cost for the TickerBar and you earn money for having your computer on with TickerBar on and for referrals. Membership is free.

Need Extra Cash? Install TickerBar On Your PC

After you join TickerBar and download the TickerBar click a green icon in the lower right corner of your PC. The TickerBar will appear at the top of your browser with a small banner. Then you should select the News Categories you’re interested in to earn money. Log in to the TickerBar website and click MyOptions at the top of the screen. Then select the News Categories you want to see on the News Ticker.

Teach Your PC To Earn Money $$$

The News Categories are:
International Sport
Life Style
Stocks & Shares
UK Sports

When you have selected your News Categories, click Update My News Prefs to set your news preferences. Titles of current events articles in the news will start scrolling across the top of your browser. The TickerBar and the small banner do not take up much space. The scrolling news titles change frequently.

TickerBar Is A No Hassle Paid To Surf Program

You can advertise your TickerBar referral link to get referrals. You can also send your TickerBar download file to your friends to earn money from referrals. You will earn money for six levels of referrals. You have to be 13 years old to join and you have to get permission from your parents if you are under the age of 18.

You will have to have your computer on with the TickerBar turned on to earn money.

This is a link to a post I put on Steemit about the TickerBar. You can also earn money for posting, commenting and upvoting on Steemit, which is a social network.

TickerBar Shows News Ticker Above Your Browser And Pays You For Having Computer On And For Referrals

You will see that it is very easy to earn money with the TickerBar. Turn on your computer and click the green TickerBar icon on the lower right of your computer (or Task Bar) to restore the TickerBar. Then you will be earning money from your computer.

Join TickerBar Free And Start Earning Money Now

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