Earn Instantly With PTPWallet

Earn Money Automatically With PTPWallet Free Membership

Free To Join
Get 20% Commission From Transaction Fees
You get paid automatically, your money is deposited in your PTPWallet.

No more waiting 24 hours for your crypto. Send and receive funds instantly! Send crypto via email, SMS and with your phone contacts.

Earning Money With PTPWallet Is Easy

What You’ll Do To Earn With PTPWallet
1. Refer Your friends
2. Invite Businesses
3. Share Your Referral Code Online
Earn commissions from your referrals’ transactions.
The more people you refer to PTPWallet, the more money you make!

Refer a friend by sending them the your referral code. After they create an account and make an internal transaction in any currency other than PCT, and the transaction fee is more than the minimum amount, you will get 15,000 Perkscoins. The person you refer will get 150 Perkscoins. You will receive 20% commission on your referral’s transaction fees for their first month of use. You can earn more as an Ambassador by promoting the program free. The money you earn is deposited right into your wallet. Referral Code 316174 http://web.PTPWallet.com

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Boost Your Earnings 50% By Joining The Ambassador Program

Step 1: Apply to the program by filling out the form on the PTPWallet website. You could be approved within 24 hours.

Step 2: Use the PerksCoin (PCT) tokens provided by PTPWallet to purchase 12 GEMS.

Step 3: With these GEMS, earn 40% in commission from your referrals’ transaction fees for the first 30 days upon activation, 10% commission on all other transaction fees throughout the following 330 days. The commissions are automatic and in the currency of the transaction.

Step 4: Earn 200 PCT once your referred user makes their first transaction.

Step 5: Participate in the ongoing round of Drain the Bank. If you win, you get to keep 75% of the prize!

Step 6: If the countdown doesn’t reach zero but ends after 6 months, you can win the prize if you earned the most amount of referral commissions compared to other contenders!

Use the Referral Code 316174 to join the program at http://web.PTPWallet.com


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