Crystal Healing Bronzite

Crystal Healing Bronzite
By Debra Mundell

Bronzite Necklace

Bronzite is called the stone of courtesy and the stone of focused action. Bronzite is a bronze colored stone with metallic inclusions. Bronzite stones may be tan, bronze, brown or greenish brown with gold or silver colored flecks or spots. The gemstone’s name is based on the similarity in appearance between bronze and bronzite. Bronzite is a form of enstatite or hyperstene. Bronzite stones contain magnesium and iron. Bronzite is ranked 5 to 6 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Bronzite was ground into powder and used medicinally to prevent and cure mental illness in ancient Roman times. Bronzite amulets were worn by ancient Romans for protection. Bronzite was believed to protect the wearer from evil, danger and magic. The ancient Greeks and Romans also used bronzite in art and decoration. Bronzite has also been found in meteorites.

Bronzite helps to prevent infections. The bronzite stones help to treat blood conditions and improve the blood. Bronzite helps hemoglobin and red blood cells. The bronzite gem treats allergies, anemia and cancer. Bronzite is helpful in iron assimilation and pH balance regulation. The gemstone improves low blood pressure. Bronzite helps treat dizziness. The bronzite stones help to alleviate fatigue.

Bronzite stones are helpful in treating skin problems like acne, eczema and rashes. Bronzite is also used to treat cysts. The bronzite gemstones help to release muscle tension and cramps. Bronzite counteracts premature aging and dehydration of the skin. The bronzite gem also helps to prevent and cure ulcers.

Elixirs of bronzite help to treat breathing conditions and improve the supply of oxygen to the brain. Bronzite elixirs also help sciatica and spasms. Elixirs are made by keeping clean gemstones in water in sunlight for 12 hours.

Bronzite also has a beneficial effect on the psyche. Bronzite is a calming and grounding stone. The bronzite gemstone grants inner peace and stability and improves self confidence. Bronzite alleviates stress and depression. The gemstone is helpful in treating emotional problems. Bronzite helps to reduce negative emotions like anger. The bronzite stones improve focus and mental clarity and are helpful in decision making.

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Bronzite is associated with the planet Venus, the astrological sign Leo and the element earth. Bronzite can be worn as jewelry, carried as touchstones or kept by the bed. Bronzite stones must be washed at least once a month in warm water. After cleansing bronzite stones should be kept with quartz crystals overnight to recharge them.

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