Cryptocurrency Freelance Network Latium

Cryptocurrency Freelance Network Latium
You can get hired today with the Latium Freelance Network. Latium has jobs, projects and tasks you can do. Complete your profile so you can get jobs on Latium. You can share your profile on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit. Members may also share their Latium profiles via email. You can also earn monthly referral income with the Latium Freelance Network.

Latium members can send coins to anyone with a Latium Coin Card. Members can send crypto to other people whether they have Latium accounts or not. All of the coins that are supported by Latium can be added to a Coin Card.

After you become a Latium member you select the coin and amount you wish to send, and the system will generate a unique Coin Card for you. You can email, download or print and hand the Coin Card directly to anyone. The recipient will be able to claim the balance of the card directly to their Latium account, or will be prompted to create an account to claim the balance if they are not already a Latium user. Your Referral ID is automatically coded to all your cards. So when a new user registers to claim your card, they will be automatically added as a new referral on your account.

Latium LATX

Latium’s referral rates are some of the highest in the industry. Check Latium’s referral rates or use their commission calculator to estimate your potential earnings.

Build Your Network and Earn More!
Latium provides great referral opportunities for members. You can earn plenty just by sharing your unique Referral link around the web!

Earn 50% on ALL TRADES
Whenever your Referrals trade on the Latium Exchange you will earn a 50% commission on their trading fees! Click below to learn more and use the Commission Calculator to find out how much you can earn!

Earn 25% on Project Fees
Every time your referral completes a project they pay fees. You earn 25% on the fees they pay.

Earn 10% on Verifications and Subscriptions
Every time one of your Referrals purchases a Verification, a new Subscription, or when a Subscription renews you earn 10%

Cryptocurrencies Supported On Latium


Boost Your Profile
Click the For Freelancers tab at the top of the page after you join. On the upper right you will see Boost Your Profile. Click the Get Started button. Then you can answer questions that will improve your profile. You answer questions to boost your profile and see how you compare to other Latium freelancers. Keep earning points, get more work and get ahead of the pack. Click the images or the links in this post for more information or to join Latium.

Join Latium Freelance Network And Earn For Referrals

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