Cellophane Tape Day

Cellophane Tape Day

Cellophane Tape Day is celebrated on May 27th every year. Cellophane Tape Day is a day to honor the common household product known as Scotch Tape. What would we do without Scotch Tape? Scotch Tape is an important component in gift wrapping. Wrapping paper is wrapped around gifts and closed with Scotch Tape. Then ribbon may be wrapped around the package and a bow added and maybe a gift card. If you would like the gift to be wrapped well then keep Scotch Tape in your house for gift wrapping. Another name for the tape is invisible tape. Scotch Tape or Cellophane Tape is made of cellulose. Cellophane Tape Day has a 1 Gifty rating on Giftypedia.

Pastel Floral Fiddlestix Paperie Spring Flower Tape Dispenser $3.99

Adorn your work space with functional and gorgeous matching desk accessories, like this pink floral cellophane tape dispenser. It is made of thick acrylic materials and measures 4 3/4 inches in length and 1 3/8 inches wide.
Pastel Floral Fiddlestix Paperie Spring Flower Tape Dispenser $3.99

Avon Ohio Hosts The Annual Festival Of Adhesive Tape Article
“Since 2005, the town of Avon, Ohio, hosts the annual festival of adhesive tape. There you can take part in a parade, fashion show, see sculptures and just have fun.”
Avon Ohio Hosts The Annual Festival Of Adhesive Tape Article

Cellophane Tape Day On Giftypedia

When was Scotch Tape invented?

Cellophane Tape Day On Days Of The Year

Holiday Smart is celebrating another Scotch Tape Day on January 31st. January 31st is the anniversary of the day the product scotch tape was created and introduced to the public market. Scotch Tape was patented on January 31, 1930.

National Cellophane Tape Day On Happy Days 365


Scotch Kitty Tape Dispenser $14.98

This Scotch Kitty Tape Dispenser personalizes your space with a Kitty design. The Scotch® Kitty tape dispenser comes with Scotch® Magic™ tape measuring 3/4″ x 1500″ and adds a stylish look. The Kitty Dispenser with original matte-finish tape is ideal for offices, home offices or schools. The dispenser includes 1 roll of Scotch® Magic™ Tape and is designed for two-handed dispensing. The Tape Size is 1″ core tape, up to 3/4″ wide and 1500″ long. Scotch Tape is the preferred tape for offices, home offices and schools. The Kitty Dispenser is great for the office or home. You can write on Scotch Magic Tape with a pen, pencil or marker. Scotch® Magic™ Tape is the original matte-finish, invisible tape. Click the image or the link to see more or purchase the Kitty Tape Dispenser.
Scotch Kitty Tape Dispenser

The Easiest Way To Make A Flower Arrangement Using Scotch Tape By Kelly Demma
This article is from the Peaceful Home Decor website. You can create a lovely flower arrangement with a grid of scotch tape over the top of the bowl. Click the link to see the article on PeacefulHomeDecor.com.
The Easiest Way To Make A Flower Arrangement Using Scotch Tape By Kelly Demma

Hallmark Snoopy Tape Dispenser
Hallmark has a Snoopy Tape Dispenser for sale. The price is $29.99 on Hallmark.
Snoopy has a knack for getting himself out of sticky situations, but he’s happy to give you a hand when you need some adhesive. Bring Peanuts charm to your home or office space with this resin tape dispenser that’s shaped like the beloved beagle. The cute desktop accessory comes with one roll of tape. Click the image or the link for more information or to purchase.
Snoopy Tape Dispenser $29.99 On Hallmark

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