Boston Cream Cupcakes Kit

Boston Cream Cupcakes Kit
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October 23rd is National Boston Cream Pie Day.

Boston Cream Pie is actually a layer cake, not a pie. Two yellow cake layers are filled with vanilla cream and iced with chocolate ganache.

Here’s more about it, and how it got its name—plus a recipe to bake your own from scratch.

But let’s skip the “pie” for a moment, in favor of Boston Cream Cupcakes (photo #1).

Inspired by the original Boston Cream Pie—created at Boston’s Parker House Hotel over 150 years ago—a kit created by King Arthur Flour enables even novice bakers to achieve beautiful results.

The recipe makes moist, golden cupcakes with a rich cream filling and a swirl of fluffy chocolate frosting on top.

With the “surprise” cream filling, they’re a fun, easy homemade dessert or snack.

  • Each box (photo #2) includes step-by-step directions complete with photos, pre-measured ingredients, and specialty baking tools.
  • As with all King Arthur Flour products, the ingredients are top-of-the-line. For example, the kit uses Nielsen Massey Madagascar Bourbon pure vanilla powder and premium espresso powder to deepen the chocolate flavor of the frosting.
  • The box includes pretty cupcake papers, as well as a cupcake corer to create a pouch for the cream filling, and a piping bag and tip for the frosting.
  • What you supply are butter, eggs, whole milk, and a standard muffin/cupcake pan.

We like this kit as a gift for young bakers or prospective bakers, and have put it on our holiday gift list.

But you don’t need to wait until then to enjoy Boston Cream Cupcakes.


[1] Adapting Boston Cream Pie to cupcakes (both photos © King Arthur Flour).

[2] The kit: Ready, set, bake!

Boston Cream Cupcakes Kit
From The Nibble Blog

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