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CashBlurbs Promoting With Facebook & Twitter Blurbs

In The CashBlurbs Advertising Network you can post small ads that will be on the top of the home page and in their Directory in appropriate Categories. The ads will also be shared on Facebook or Twitter by other members and new members. Your ads go into the Directory whether you are a Free or Upgraded Member. When your Referrals Upgrade you will get 50% Commissions Monthly, which will be $10 monthly income to you, free!

Would You Like To See Your Ads On Other People’s Social Pages?
The ads you post on CashBlurbs will be shared by other members. The ads will go on their Facebook or Twitter pages, and you will get traffic from those posts. It is like a social ad exchange where you ads will also be on the CashBlurbs home page and in the CashBlurbs Directory in general or specific categories. You can see more about CashBlurbs in this video, which is on the CashBlurbs site and on YouTube.

Social Traffic Forwarding System

CashBlurbs is an innovative advertising method, a social traffic forwarding system. You can see that video on the home page to learn how CashBlurbs works. You have to share a small ad on one of your Facebook or Twitter pages to participate in the program. It is easy to do and you do it right from the CashBlurbs website. After you share the ad you can post one of your ads. You can put it in a specific Category in the Directory or a General Category. Then members will share your ad on their Facebook or Twitter pages.

After you join you add your Facebook and Twitter pages. You should add at least one and you can add more than two. You can also upload a small photo that can appear next to your ads. Log in and share an ad on one of your Facebook or Twitter pages. Then you can add one of your ads. Your ad will be posted at the top of the home page and in the Directory.

CashBlurbs helps members to get fast free viral traffic. It is a free program with an upgrade that helps members to advertise, get social network exposure and to earn 50% monthly commissions from ClickBank. This is really a great free opportunity. When you upgrade you can post ads more frequently, as much as every 20 minutes.

Social Traffic Forwarding System
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