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This Bright Side video features 5 stories that show the world is a good place. You can see the words of the story on the screen in large print.

5 Short Stories That Show The World Is A Good Place
Bright Side

Strange and wonderful things happen from day to day, and sometimes these special little moments just have to be shared. We at Bright Side never cease to be inspired by those little stories that reveal what makes ordinary people happier. That’s why we gathered a few of them together here for you. These 5 short stories prove no matter what’s happening around, there’s always a place for a miracle and kindness.

A storm 0:12
After Katrina 0:56
A sales assistant’s story 1:55
A poor man 3:15
Your kindness pays off 3:51

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– I was at work when a violent storm started. Suddenly, my colleague told me that someone was hanging out near my car. It turned out somebody had shut the roof hatch of my car that I had left open in the morning so that the water didn’t get inside.
– Hurricane Katrina destroyed the house of Joanna but that wasn’t the worst. During the hurricane, her beloved cat, Simone, had disappeared. Joanna didn’t know anything about her destiny. Six years passed. One day, Joanna got a phone call. A man introduced himself and informed Joanna that her cat had been found. The cat recognized her at first sight and rushed toward her.
– I work in a clothes store in Boston. One day, I had two customers. It was a lovely couple: a tall man and a nice woman. The man started to explain to me what they needed. At the same time, the woman kept silence. All the time that I spent choosing skirts, dresses, and pants, I was thinking about how bossy the man was. But then it hit me – the woman was blind, and the man did all he could to take care of her.
– We were traveling across Africa with my friend when this happened. One day, we encountered a poor man. We got to know that he hadn’t eaten for two days. My friend offered the hungry man his sandwich. And the first thing the poor man said, “We can divide it into three parts!”
– This happened on the day when I was driving to a job interview. On my way, I saw a woman. She was standing at the side of the road near her car. One of the tires of her vehicle was flat. I stopped to help her to change the tire. Imagine my surprise when I found out that she was my interviewer!

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